Hello everyone! I’m so excited to share my ideas, opinions, and life with y’all! I just recently started this journey of blogging and already I am challenged on what exactly my blog must consist of. This is a huge struggle for me because I am not here to only share one side of my life with you. There is a saying that fits perfectly in this situation, it goes “I’m a jack of all trades, but a master of none.” People tell me to be specific, know exactly what audience you are trying to find, but really I hope to communicate with a wide variety of people not just a specific few. With that being said I will tell you more of what my blog will consist of, and for all the skim readers out there, me included, I will bold  the main parts. I am a college student, a women of faith. I am definitely not a picky eater and love any and all food! I recently started doing yoga and meditation. I enjoy traveling and exploring my local community. I absolutely love the mountains, waterfalls, trees, plants, and all things nature, with that in mind I love taking pictures of my natural surroundings. I live in a farming community and help manage a hog farm. I am also very creative, I mostly work with wood and paint, and enjoy DIYs and refurbishing/ reusing old items. I enjoy organization, and home design (Fixer Upper makes my life complete). I love my fur-baby, an energetic Jack Russel, he is the Boss hence his name Bosco. Though I couldn’t tell a blending brush from a powder brush, I enjoy make-up and beauty. I have an entrepreneur and can do attitude. Momma always told me, “where the is a will, there is a way”, and I firmly believe in that.

I decided to begin this blog to hopefully make an impact on those who follow me. I am here for the positivity and encouragement of others as well as myself, because ultimately we are all in this together.  I want to let people know that it is okay to be “a Jack of all trades”, wonder what tomorrow will be,Me and not plan your life away. Though I do plan I know that it is okay when things don’t always work out, I also keep in mind that God has a path for me and I must trust in his ways. I started  this blog for all those people out there that are not social butterflies or a wall flowers, just something in between (if anyone knows what that is called please let me know). I want to have a simple thought of, “I’m not alone in this journey,” and I want others have similar feelings.footer #1